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I am a machine. I am a beast.

11 August 1987
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Fatty is my baby. ♥ I've been running around in kpop fandom like a crazy woman for almost three years. ♥ Bandom has my heart. ♥ Harry Potter is a key to teenage years. ♥ I like writing, I just happen to be medicore on my best days at it. ♥ I cuss a lot. ♥ I smoke too many cigarettes during the week. ♥ Singin' In The Rain is my favorite movie, it'll lead you to my heart. ♥ If you can quote either The Outsiders or To Kill A Mockingbird to me, I'd probably fall at your feet. ♥ Music. ♥ Books. ♥ Love. ♥
dreamt of but never woken up to